What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud based system, which offers a wide range of benefits to West
College Scotland Students. It can be used in college, at home or at work at any time of
day or night – all you need is an internet connection. Office 365 can help you with your
studies by offering features such as:

A College eMail Address using Outlook

All students are provided with a college email address. This is attached automatically to
college systems including Moodle, and is used by default to send college emails to you –
although you can choose to forward these emails to an account of your choice. A People
Directory is also provided to allow you to search for the College email address of fellow

Online Storage using OneDrive

This gives you one Terabyte (over 1000 GB) of storage for your files. OneDrive offers
secure access to your files anywhere that has internet access, allowing you to carry out
your college work wherever you choose.

Office Web Apps

Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint can be used both inside and outside
the College allowing you to carry out your college work from any computer without
having to install Microsoft Office.

Time Management Tools

Office 365 provides you with a calendar and task list to help manage your time and
college activities.