Attendance, Participation, Engagement & Absence

Wear a mask on campusDue to rising COVID-19 case numbers, the Scottish Government guidance on the wearing of face masks in college environments has changed. With immediate effect face masks must be worn on campus at ALL times including in classrooms and in workshops. This change is in addition to the current social distancing measures in place. This guidance also extends to any school children whilst present on College campuses.

Face coverings may however be removed for eating and drinking.

This guidance is subject to ongoing review by the Scottish Government and could change in the future. As and when it does we will inform you at the earliest opportunity. If you are exempt from wearing face coverings please wear a lanyard signifying so while on campus available. Lanyards and Exemption Cards can be requested by completing this form.

Attendance, Participation and Engagement:

Taking responsibility for your learning is an important factor in being a successful student. The College expects you to:

  • fully participate in all timetabled activity (e.g. in class, online, placement, etc);
  • complete coursework, assignments, homework and assessments to the best of your ability and to an agreed schedule;
  • seek support when needed and engage with college staff and support services as appropriate;
  • be respectful at all times to other students, staff and the wider community

The Student Attendance and Engagement Procedure, Online Learning Etiquette and Student Behaviours Framework are useful guides.

Absence – what to do if you are absent:

The College recognises that, during the year, students may become unwell or have difficulties in attending due to other circumstances (e.g. caring responsibilities).

As part of your course induction you will be advised of what to do and who to contact in the event of an absence and how this will be monitored. This will vary between courses as not all courses or course teams have the same structure.

To ensure an absence is recorded appropriately and for the College to offer the most appropriate support, it is important to ensure you keep staff informed about an absence and any additional support required. Staff can be contacted by email using the format: 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What to do if I have tested positive for COVID-19:

> Complete this form to let the college know (you must be signed into your Office 365 account [])

What to do if I have been told to self-isolate or are waiting on the outcome of a PCR test:

> Complete this form to let the college know (you must be signed into your Office 365 account [])

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates from a GP, hospital, etc should be sent to our Online Services Team. Where possible, photograph ALL pages of the document:

  • Ensure your photographs can be easily read be the recipient;
  • Ensure your photographs clearly identify who you are and the dates covered by the Medical Certificate;
  • Do not write on your Medical Certificate;

It takes a few working days after we receive your Medical Certificate for your attendance record to be updated; it will then show ‘D’ (Doctor/Medical Certificate) on the dates covered.

To send us the photographs or scans of your Medical Certificate, chose one of the following options:

  1. Complete this form, OR
  2. From your Student Email Account, send an email to with the subject line ‘Medical Certificate’, attach your Photographs, and in the body of your email include: your 9-digit Student Number, your Full Name, and your Date of Birth.

Long Term Medical Absence

If your absence exceeds two weeks, contact your Guidance Tutor or Course Leader.  

Register Marks

For every timetabled activity, a register mark will be recorded by the College. A list of register marks and their meaning are shown below:

P Present & Engaging
V Present & Engaging in a virtual activity (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
M Attending a Vocational Placement
N Present but Not Engaging in a satisfactory way [Amber Flag]

Absent but continuing to Engage in a satisfactory way.

This mark may be used for example when you are unable to attend an instance of a particular timetabled but have spoken with your lecturer and have agreed to complete the work in another way (e.g. you will complete the work in your own time before that activity is next timetabled)


Authorised Absence.

This mark is similar to mark above but may be used on occasions where you have informed your lecturer that you are unable to participate or engage in that activity on this occasion and where the lecturer agrees this in itself is unlikely to have an adverse effect on successful outcome. Authorised Absences take into account the wider personal circumstances that affect us all at times (e.g. bereavement, caring responsibilities, something unexpected). 


Unauthorised Absence [Red Flag]

This mark will be used when the lecturer knows of no sound reason for your absence, or where your level of absenteeism is giving cause for concern (i.e. you aren’t attending and aren’t engaging).

D Absence covered by a Medical Certificate [Amber Flag]
H Campus Holiday
? Null Mark / Adverse Event affecting a Campus – this mark has no impact on funding


A register mark that generates a red flag may impact entitlement to funding for the week that register mark appears. The only register mark that generates a red flag is ‘A’ for Absent. This register mark is typically used when the College has no alternative register mark to use when a student is absent. Absence marks E, X and D do not affect funding.

An register mark that generates an amber flag is a notification to you and the College that there may be an issue that needs to be looked into. Your funding may be affected if the non-engagement (‘N’) register mark is recorded over two consecutive funding periods (a funding period is 2-weeks); however, the Student Funding Department will always discuss this with your Course Leader prior to any deduction in payment being made.


Self-certificates (or self-authorised absences) are no longer available for use from session 2020/21. Students should follow the guidance above.

College Policies and Procedures

The Student Attendance and Engagement Procedure, Online Learning Etiquette and Student Behaviours Framework are useful guides.

Useful Documents and Guides for students can be found here.