What is MyDay?

MyDay is an app for your mobile phone or tablet device. It is your gateway to the systems and services you’ll need as a student of West College Scotland.

Some of the things you’ll have access to include:

MyDay mobile app

Download onto a smartphone or tablet:

Android logoAndroid devices:
Download from the Google Play store
 Apple iPhone / iPad devices:
Download from the App Store

How to access from a Windows PC, Mac or Linux PC:

Tip: use this option to log into Microsoft Teams from a Windows PC or laptop, Mac or Linux PC.

How do I log in?

Use your student email address in format of and your normal college password. By default this will be your date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY (e.g. 31041996)

How do I change my password to something else?

If you know your password and have not been locked out of your account but simply want to change it something else, then:

I have forgotten my password or have been ‘locked out’

If you have ‘forgotten your password‘ or have been ‘locked out‘ then a member of staff will need to manually unlock it for you and send you a new password. If you need to do this, then:

Click here or email with the subject line “Password Reset”. In the body of your email, please include:

  • Your name,
  • Student Number,
  • Date of Birth and
  • A Contact Telephone Number.

A member of staff may call to verify your identity before your password is reset. Account Unlocks and resets for forgotten passwords take place from 8.30am until 4.30pm each working day. During these hours we actively monitor for incoming password requests and aim to action within 30 minutes of receipt.

Your Print Balance (PaperCut)

MyDay will display your remaining print credit for use of the campus printers this month. The balance tops-up automatically each month with your monthly free allowance (for most students, your free credit is equal to £5 per month). Each time you print to a campus printer, your print credit will reduce. There is no cash alternative and no monthly rollover.

Additional credit can be purchased for use in the current month. For more information, please ask your Course Leader or contact IT


You need to activate your account in Moodle before MyDay is able to work fully with Moodle. Go to and log in with your college Office 365 username and password.  Your username is


Your timetable should display in MyDay from the date your course starts. Your Course Leader will arrange for you to be given a copy of your timetable before then.

Your Guide to the MyDay app

MyDay Guide: 

Help! Something doesn’t look right…

Don’t panic! Check the FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer, ask a Student Advisor or use the email address below.


MyDay learns how to connect to your Moodle account after you log onto the Moodle website for the first time. To get things working:

The default attendance percentage starts at 0% and is for the current week. To change this, tap on the ‘Attendance’ Tile, then tap on the Calendar drop-down, and then choose from:

  • This week
  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Custom Range – this option is useful to calculate between two date ranges (e.g. to see if you have any absences within a bursary payment period)
  1. Tap on the ‘My Student ID Card’ Tile, then
  2. Tap on the placeholder-photograph, then
  3. Upload a suitable image from your smartphone or tablet.

The image used should:

  • Be of your Head and Shoulders;
  • Be taken against a plain background;
  • Be without filters;
  • Be only you in the photo;
  • Be without headwear unless for religious or medical reasons;
  • Be suitable for use on an Identification Document such as a Driving Licence.

Example: Student ID Photo Example


Your photograph will be rejected if you do not follow the guidelines above. It may also be rejected for another reason, such as:

  • The orientation is wrong (i.e. photograph is on its side)
  • It requires significant cropping (i.e. is significantly more than head and shoulders)

Unfortunately the card software does not have ‘cropping’ or ‘photo-editing’ built in. The staff member making the decision only has the option to approve or reject. In making their decision, they follow the bullet-points above. If you are stuck, please email: with the subject line ‘Student Card’

It’s gone! From session 2020/21 students no longer have to self-certificate for a short-term absence, instead:

  • You are responsible for ensuring your lecturers know about your absence and the steps you are taking to keep up with coursework and preparations for assessment. You can do this by emailing your lecturers (most email addresses for staff are in the format of
  • The register mark recorded by your lecturer each time an activity takes place now holds more information (e.g. Student was present and engaged in the activity [PE]; Student was absent but was still able to engage in the activity [AE]; Student was absent and wasn’t able to engage in the activity but the student discussed this with the lecturer and the lecturer Authorised the Absence [X]; Student was absent and there was no communication – also known as an ‘unauthorised absence’ [A]). These marks will give you a good indication of whether your lecture is concerned about your progress and likelihood of achieving in assessment. The Student Funding Department may stop funding for any payment period where a lecturer has recorded an unauthorised absence on your attendance record.

Medical certificates should be sent to for any absence greater than a week.

Long term medical absences (i.e. greater than 2-weeks) require a discussion with your Course Leader.

MyDay reads your timetable information from our Student Records database overnight.

If you are fully enrolled but your course hasn’t yet started, your timetable may not show until the official start date of your course. Your Course Leader will give your timetable ahead of your course start date.

If your course has started but MyDay still isn’t showing your timetable, there may be a problem. Please let your Course Leader know and they will report it to the MyDay support team.

If your timetable looks odd, don’t worry! Sometimes your Course Leader will timetable more than one subject into a timeslot (e.g. Monday AM), or they might create a subject register for your assessment results and another for your attendance. MyDay sees all this information and shows it to you.

If something is wrong (e.g. room number, lecturer, etc), let your Course Leader know and they will get this updated for you.

MyDay synchronises with the Student Records Database through the night. During this time, it updates the Student Record for every student – including everyone’s attendance, results, course information, timetable and results. That’s a huge amount of data and therefore only happens once every 24-hours.

Occasionally something can break, meaning the refresh doesn’t happen as expected. Normally, our IT team spot this and fix it before anyone notices – but sometimes we might need a nudge from you. It doesn’t happen very often but it can happen. Email with your Student Number and a useful description of the issue that allows us to have a look, identify and fix whatever the problem is. Screenshots help too! 

Your username is your student email address in the format of (e.g.

Your password is your normal college password. By default this is your date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY.

If you cannot log in, email to ask for your to be password reset.

Email: (general enquiries), or (technical support when something looks really wrong)