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To log out of Moodle, click your profile image at the top right of the page,  then choose Logout.

drop down list at profile picture with Log Out highlighted

It’s important to log out of Moodle and the college computers so that other people using the computer after you can’t access your personal data.

Be security aware—don’t allow browsers in computer labs or in the Library to remember your login credentials.


Once you are logged in, if you are inactive in Moodle for a period of 2 hours, your session will time out. When you next access the Moodle page, the Login page will display the message: Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

Log in to Moodle – you can also click on the link above.

Note: Use your college Office 365 account to log in.  Click on the Office 365 button on Moodle to login.

Office 365 Moodle login button

There are 2 main ways to access your unit(s)

1 – Using My Courses

Example  for a student undertaking a PDA in Childhood Practice at the Greenock Campus:

  • On the Moodle home page, click on My Courses in the navigation bar and choose the unit you wish to enter from the drop down list.

Moodle top navigation bar with My Courses highlighted

List of courses showing the Course image with title and category below.

2 – Using the navigation in the middle of the home page

Example – for a student undertaking a HNC in Childhood Practice at the Greenock Campus:

  • Choose your Department from the blocks in the centre of the page e.g.: Care

Course Categories

  • Click on the small arrow to expand the Care category, and any other category/categories that you need to reach your course.

course category expanded

  • If your unit is not listed tell your tutor and they will be able to get you added to the correct course/unit.
  • Once in the course home page there will normally be a list of the course units, however your lecturer may have designed your course differently. To gain access to the units you can either

1: click on the unit title in the body of the course, or if you
2: expand the course index to the left of the screen, you can, 3: click on the title here to navigate to it.

Course home page with arrow pointing to course title in main body and minimised course index list icon
Course home page with arrow pointing to course title in maximised course index list

  • Each unit should have a link to get you back to the course home page:

Text (course title) with Home in brackets

If you have clicked on Courses in MyWest and see no courses – make sure to continue on and log into Moodle for the courses to pull through to MyWest.

If you have no courses showing within My Courses in Moodle – when did you enrol – the system updates overnight so you will not see your courses until the day after you complete your enrolment form (this is not the same as an application form).  If you still cannot see courses the day after you enrol please contact your tutor.

If your Office 365 account is not working – are you sure you are using your West College Scotland Office 365 account.  You may need to log out of Office 365 if you or another user of the device has an alternative Office 365 account.  As a student your username is your as a staff member your work email address ending in

If you have forgotten your password, first ensure you are using the same password as your Office 365 account.

If you have checked and are using the correct WCS Office 365 email and password click on forgotten your username or password? on the login page of Moodle.

forgotten username of password text highlighted on Moodle login page

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