Freshers’ FAQ

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Freshers FAQ

Please click here for contact details.
Please click here for opening hours and contact details.
Please click here for opening hours and contact details.
You need to tell:
Campus catering services are currently limited to a ‘Grab and Go’ service.
Please contact your Course Leader or the Curriculum Administrator for your course.

Your Student ID Card is built into the MyDay app. Download MyDay, log in as and then tap on the Student ID Card Tile.

Please contact your Faculty Administration Office.
You will be given details of your course start date and timetable when you attend your Induction Day in August.  If you are unable to attend Induction please contact your Faculty Administration Office.
All offers must be accepted to allow the enrolment link to be sent. Links are usually sent after Induction or just prior to commencement of course.
As a student at West College Scotland, we will do our best to support you every step of the way. You will receive support from curriculum staff (e.g. lecturers) and also from support teams (e.g. Student Advisory Services, Student Funding, etc)
A well-established, cross-college Enabling Services system endeavours to ensure that any student with a learning difficulty or disability is given advice and support in relation to their specific needs.  This may take the form of scribing, escort support, counselling, interpretation, use of specific technology, etc.
The College offers quality childcare at its on-campus nurseries in Paisley and Greenock. If you are accepted onto a college course and need a place at one of our nurseries for your child, please apply as soon as possible.
SAAS publishes a guide each year on their website.
SAAS is a funding body know as the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.  Most students studying HNC or HND courses at West College Scotland are supported through SAAS.
You should receive your award by email within 4 weeks from the date all your requested documents were submitted to us and verified.
Payment will be backdated to the latest date of your last document being submitted, which is when you have fully completed your application. If your application is submitted after the start date of the course you will only be paid from date of last document submitted. Funding applications will not be backdated after 6 weeks from the start date of any course.
You will be self-financing your studies if you do not apply for funding or are not entitled to funding. This includes your tuition fees.
If you are accepted onto a college course and are eligible for funding it is important that you apply as soon as possible, as all funds are limited and allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
No. You can only apply for funding with a ‘conditional’ or ‘unconditional’ offer of a place on a course.
Please visit our Student Funding page for further information.
You should contact your Faculty Administration Office to reschedule your interview if you have already accepted the proposed timeslot but need to change it.
If you would have to travel a significant distance to get to the interview location you can request that the interview is conducted by telephone. Due to the nature of some courses this cannot always be guaranteed.
Please bring along any certificates for the qualification(s) you hold.
Interviews may be conducted one to one with a lecturer or in small groups.
Log in to your account using the email address and password you applied with:
Before a place on the course is offered, it is common for applicants to be invited to a one-to-one or group interview with a member of curriculum staff from the area you want to study. These are usually quite informative but they help to ensure that the course is right for you, and you are right for the course.
You must send in proof of achieving your condition in order for us to change your offer to an unconditional offer.
An ‘unconditional’ offer is a firm offer of a place without a specific condition attached. Your place is generally secure, unless the overall interest in that course is not sufficient for it to run.
Normally the member of curriculum staff reviewing your application will add some comments that you will receive by email. These comments will tell you why your application was rejected before interview, and if you should reapply.
You will receive an acknowledgement email confirming receipt of your application. The status of your application will also update to ‘Acknowledgement sent’.
Please contact Student Advisory Services.
Please contact Student Advisory Services.
Please visit our ‘Help to apply’ FAQs in first instance.