Covid19 Student Financial Support

Covid-19 Student Financial Support – Student Support Funding Update 2 July

The College has received additional FE/HE Covid Discretionary Funds for 2021-22 and we have now been advised how these funds are to be processed and ultimately distributed. The funds are cash limited and are to assist students throughout the full 2021-22 academic year. 

Students who have completed their course and who have no income in place, should make their normal application for assistance to DWP for Universal Credit. This application will be for the duration of the summer break period where you are not a College student. If you are returning to education after the summer break period the assistance from DWP will cease when your new course starts.  Students who are advised of a waiting period before their Universal Credit claim will start, can request from DWP an advanced payment of their claim or apply for a Crisis Loan to assist them. 

Any student returning to study at West College Scotland in 2021-22, who have been directly impacted financially by Covid and who are not in receipt of benefit, can make a request to to be considered for assistance from the 2021-22 Covid Discretionary Funds.

Any such requests should include the following information: 

  • Student reference number along with full name and date of birth.
  • A full explanation of their financial circumstance and how Covid has impacted them.
  • Bank statements to confirm income and expenditure dated from 1 June 2021 to the date of their request.
  • Proof that they are not eligible for DWP assistance (refusal/rejected email or letter). 

All supporting information should be submitted at the time of request. Clear pictures/screenshots of documentary evidence will be accepted. Please ensure dates, etc. are clearly visible on pictures/screenshots. 

Following the first review of circumstance students may be requested by the Student Funding Team to provide additional information/documentation to support the funding request. The team will communicate directly with the student as to what is required.