The Sanctuary


The Sanctuary Team at West College Scotland aims to make the College a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming environment for students and staff of all faiths and none to meet and get to know each other.

Who are the Sanctuary and what do they do?

The Sanctuary team consists of individuals from various denominations, faiths and beliefs and includes members from the Student Association and staff community. They recognise the many different ethnicities and faith backgrounds of the staff and students here at the College. The Sanctuary coordinate the work of the Chaplains on campus and advises the College on faith matters and are committed to religious tolerance, diversity and respect. The group meet several times throughout the year to discuss different approaches of support and guidance on offer and organise a number of charitable events throughout the year, including: the Easter egg collection, harvest lunch and Christmas carol service.

We offer:

  • To provide spiritual care, guidance and advice to staff and students within a confidential and independent context.
  • To be available to anyone in the College and to offer friendship encouragement and support to anyone seeking it.
  • To foster a greater understanding of all faiths and cultures in College.
  • To provide opportunities for prayer and reflection.
  • To support students and staff in times of personal

Want to know more?

Can anyone be a part of the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary welcome both staff and students to get involved and would encourage anyone who is interested in being part of the team regardless of their background to get in touch.

Contact us

Whether you want to ask questions of spirituality, explore your own faith or simply find out more about what the group offer, then the Sanctuary is here for you. Simply drop the team an email to ask a question or visit the intranet for a list of upcoming events and meetings.

The Sanctuary

Each campus has its own neutral faith space, called The Sanctuary. This is open to both staff and students and is a place for peace, contemplation, thought and prayer.

Sanctuary Locations:

Clydebank Rm 101, behind the Library

Greenock (Finnart) Rm 511

Paisley RN 215

Please note that the Sanctuary is a multi-faith area and we ask all staff and students to respect, and to be considerate of others using the space. We ask you tidy away all materials when you have finished.


If you would like to find out more about the Sanctuary, Chaplaincy or Spiritual Care services, please contact: Gordon Lyon, or ask for more information from a Student Advisor or Students’ Association Officer.