Yes, ok we get it right?  These are strange times and we have never faced times like these where we are going to need to isolate, to keep ourselves and others safe.

However, although the temptation initially may be to overdose on box sets or to plug into your PlayStation for a 24 hour marathon; in the long run this can be detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing.

Us humans need structure – from the dawn of time we have been structuring our day not only to survive but also, so we can find meaning and purpose.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a routine during this time.

  • Get up as though you were going about your normal day – as tempting as it may be to sleep in, this can upset your body clock and may lead to staying up late at night.
  • Each evening plan what you are going to do with your day. Ok most of us will have work to do from our courses but schedule in other activities such as discovering new recipes to cook, time read and learn something new.
  • Keep in touch with people – this is so important for our mental health! Schedule in times to video call your family and friends. Not only will this allow you to talk about things that may be concerning you, you can swap ideas on things to do.
  • Eating Healthily – This one is so important. We need to make sure we are eating healthily to make sure our immune systems are boosted.  Structure meal times so that you are eating at the correct time of day.  Sit down with your family and chat round breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Schedule in workouts – Youtube and the internet are full of exciting ways to stay active. From online yoga and aerobic sessions, to simply putting on some tunes and dancing in the kitchen.
  • New Hobbies – How many times have you said to yourself ‘I would love to try’, however sometimes life is just so busy we don’t get a chance – well now you do have the chance! From knitting to origami – you can explore many different hobbies!
  • Fresh Air – ok what we are hearing about going out is changing from day to day. However, open your windows, wander about your garden (if you have one).  If you don’t have a garden stand at your window and balcony and really take in your surroundings.  How often do we really stop and look at what’s around us?
  • Practice mindfulness – there is lots of information available online and on social media about mindfulness. Learning about mindfulness brings us into the present and can calm a busy and stressful mind.
  • News and Social Media – yes in these times we need to know what’s happening. But repetitive news watching and scrolling can exacerbate our anxieties.  Schedule in time where you find out information.
  • Laughter – although, it may seem hard, keep sprits up by watching your favourite hysterical film. Also, who can’t fail to be cheered up by the cute puppy videos that are on you tube?