Core Skills


Essential/Core Skills

Communication | Numeracy | ICT

The College is committed that every student is equipped with and recognises the value of skills learning, work and life.  Given that no job is for life (and we cannot predict the jobs of the future), training and developing of transferable skills is more important than ever! We want to support you to focus on and build YOUR Essential Skills so you can attain the necessary and appropriate level of skills for future study or employment.

Core Skills Support

Whatever you’re studying, it’s important that you continue to develop your core skills, such as Communication, ICT and Numeracy.  For those that require some additional support, we offer various sessions to help you with your Writing and Reading, ICT and Numeracy skills. These Core Skills Top-up sessions run in all three campuses at a range of times to suit you.

We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring that you attain the necessary and appropriate level of Core skills thus enabling a smooth and confident transition to FE/HE programmes and future employment.

Referral is often by your Guidance Tutors or a member of staff – but you can refer yourself too.  Just email your campus Curriculum Quality Leader  below.

Your Essential Skills (YES)

Click here to find out more and access YES, an innovative online application for you to track and reflect upon your skills and personal development.

Whatever you’re studying it’s important that you continue to develop your core skills. Watch our Essential Skills video to find out more

Contact the Essential Skills Team

Any further information required please contact:

Clydebank Campus: Martin Timoney

Greenock Campus: Chris Bradley

Paisley Campus: Ewan Park