Campus Café Update

Our fantastic new Paisley ‘Taste’ Café is nearly ready to open and we’re expecting to welcome the first customers in late September. Situated in the Renfrew North building it’ll offer us all a new space to eat, drink, work, study and socialise. (Prior to Tastes’ opening a temporary outlet will be located off the Renfrew North atrium for the start of the new term.)

There’ll also be an exciting new Taste menu on offer at our Paisley, Clydebank and Greenock Finnart Street campuses from the 29 August, reflecting the changing needs and wants of customers – featuring old favourites, such as breakfast rolls and soups, and exciting new offerings, including vegan lunch options. Full details to follow soon!

With food and energy prices rising we’re committed to keeping prices as low as possible for everyone using our Taste Cafes, but to achieve this the smaller coffee outlets located on some of our campuses will not be reopening. The Tastes at Clydebank and Finnart Street will however be getting a light rebrand in the coming weeks as we look to ensure everyone has an enjoyable College café experience.