Funding Update: June College Administered Funding due to be paid Wednesday 1 June

As there is a banking holiday on Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June, all funding payments due on Friday will be sent to banks early. Funding payments will be cleared into eligible student bank accounts on Wednesday 1 June.

 You are urged to check your register entries for the period from 16th to 27th May 22 are up-to-date and correct by close of business on Friday 27 May as the Student Funding Team will be extracting register data the morning of Monday 30 May to determine funds due to students.

With the work on the register data being done on the same day that the payment requires to be sent through to the banks, there will be no other available dates to send payments to be cleared in that week. Therefore, any corrections will not be able to be actioned or paid until the following week.