Please note that the wearing of face coverings is required by all people on site at all times except in rooms of single occupancy or where a screen has been erected as a barrier.

This is to protect everyone on Campus from the spread of COVID-19 and to significantly reduce the chances of having to be sent home for online learning. This is particularly important for those practical classes where large parts of the curriculum are unsuitable for online learning, in which case there is the potential for interruption to your studies and the need for catch up.

This measure is in line with Scottish Government Guidance which the College is required to follow and does not represent a breach of any individual rights.

1 metre physical distancing is also required at all times.

The only exceptions to the rule on face coverings is where individuals have an exemption in line with government guidance, or when food or drink is being consumed. Individuals with an exemption can request a card and lanyard to signal their exemption which would mean you are less likely to be approached by anyone asking for an explanation.

All others not complying with the rules can expect to be approached and instructed to comply. This includes staff members. Refusal to comply can result in you being asked to leave the Campus.

Your co-operation is adhering to these important safety rules is very much appreciated.