Turnitin Status Update – Resolved

Turnitin are currently experiencing an unexpected service disruption.  Please check this service status page for updates.  Once Turnitin is back online we will update this message.

Thank you

Learning Technology Team

Update: Turnitin should now be available via Moodle, however the outage is currently being monitoring due to a wider issue, which may result in further outage until it is resolved.

Further update from Turnitin: Incident resolved – We’ve fixed it!

Due to an unexpected service outage affecting our CDN provider today, users of Turnitin and Turnitin UK may have been unable to access either service and were shown a 503 error when attempting to access the service or our main site. Users accessing these services via an integration may also have been affected.

We are pleased to advise that service has been restored.
We encountered a disruption between the following times:

PDT June 8th 02:55 – June 8th 05:41
BST June 8th 10:55 – June 8th 13:41
AEST June 8th 19:55 – June 8th 22:41

Please accept our apologies if you were impacted by today’s disruption.