Face Coverings Compliance on Campus 

The College is becoming increasingly concerned about a small, but significant, number of students refusing to wear a face covering whilst on campus. We reiterate, in the strongest possible terms, that the wearing of face coverings in ALL indoor classrooms, workshops and communal areas throughout our campuses is mandatory. 

Under Scottish Government regulations, the College will promote compliance with the law and, if necessary, the police have enforcement powers including issuing penalty notices if members of the public do not comply. 

To be clear, any student who refuses to wear a face covering will be asked to leave the campus immediately for that day and should not return until they agree to wear a face covering. If student behaviour towards any member of staff who is challenging the absence of a face covering is deemed to be unacceptable, the Student Disciplinary Procedure will be applied. 

Of course, some students will be exempt under the Scottish Government’s guidelines. Anyone who has an exemption from wearing a face covering should have evidence of this in the form of a WCS exemption card and lanyard. To register for an exemption card and lanyard, please see here​.  

We would like to thank the overwhelming majority of staff and students on campus who adhere to the Covid-19 rules and, in doing so, keep our college community safe. Please see here for more information on the College’s rules to ensure a safe, phased return to our campuses over the next few months. 

Remember FACTs: Face coverings, Avoid crowded places, Clean hands regularly, Two-metre distance, and Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.