Find out about your funding payments over Christmas!

Students who are in receipt of college administered funding for Bursary, EMA, Childcare and Accommodation assistance are due to expect a payment on 01/01/2021.  However, as this payment date is within the Christmas Break we will be sending this payment earlier to students.

This payment will be sent earlier to the students under the following process:

  • Payment will be sent on Thursday 17 December for clearance into the student/third party chosen bank account on Monday 21 December.
  • Only those students who are showing current satisfactory reports will be eligible to have payment released.
  • Students who have had 4 or more consecutive recent funding periods deducted due to unsatisfactory reports will not have their payments over the Christmas period released.  Payments will be withheld until reporting is checked again when the college returns on 6 January 2021.
  • Students checked in January who have satisfactory reports and returned to their course of study will have their funding restarted and the Christmas period payments released.
  • Any student who has shown not to have returned to their studies or show unsatisfactory reports in a continuous pattern may be at risk of having their funding withdrawn in full.  Consultation with departments will be undertaken prior to this decision being made.
  • EMA and Childcare funding is not paid for college holidays therefore students receiving these funds should not expect payment for the period from 23/12/2020 to 05/01/2021.
  • Due to the timing of college closure for the Christmas Break, the payment to students due on 15/01/2021 will be determined against reports for the period from 14/12/2020 to 18/12/2020 and 06/01/2021 to 08/01/2021.

Please note that there will be no availability for sending payments beyond 21/12/2020 until we return in January therefore it is imperative that students check their daily attendance, progression and engagement tracking is correct and up to date prior to this date.

Any corrections/updates to registers after payment has been sent on 17 December, should as normal, be notified to stating the student name, matric number and date(s) which have been updated.  Any updates received after 18 December may not be actioned prior to the Christmas closure.

The Student Funding Department would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!