WARNING – Phishing Emails

The IT team are aware of significant amount of phishing emails circulating between staff and student email accounts

The emails seen to date, contain a link ‘button’ labelled ‘Check Now’, or ‘View Now‘, preceded by text ‘Upcoming Reminder’, or ‘Attention Required

See attached for example screen shots of what this email message may look like

Please do not click on the links in the emails – they are not genuine and will most likely lead to malware or a phishing attempt (a process that will try to retrieve, or request you submit, your password or other details). Staff and students are advised to delete any such emails they receive

Note, these emails will likely be sent from the email account of a member of staff or student, and have a subject matter, that you recognise. This is unfortunately due to the sender’s email account being compromised – the email has not been sent by the person that it appears to have been sent by.

The IT Team take action on compromised accounts sending out these emails, that we are aware of – this however can unfortunately be after those accounts themselves have been used to send out numerous phishing emails

Also, it should be noted that the wording and look to the phishing emails may change at any point – staff and students are advised to be vigilant, and not to click on any links or ‘buttons’ in emails unless they have confirmed, by another communication method (not email), that their contact did indeed send the email in question.

If you have received one of these emails and clicked on the link – please contact your course leader, who will notify the IT Help Desk on your behalf.