The Saltire Awards

The Saltire Awards

The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Governments way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland.

Young people aged 12-25 can gain nationally recognised certificates, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, for the different amounts of volunteering that they do. The awards help young volunteers to reflect, capture and communicate their learning and development gained through their volunteering.

What is volunteering?

The Saltire Awards recognise volunteering that meets the following three clear characteristics:

  • It is a free will activity. This means you are doing it because you want to, and no one is forcing you to do it.
  • It is not done for financial gain. Volunteering is not a job and you cannot be paid; however, you may have any reasonable expenses covered.
  • It is for the benefit of the community, society at large or an individual.

Volunteering can help you:

  • Gain new skills and experience that will look great on your CV and could help you at school/or work.
  • Meet new people and make new friends and connections.
  • Make a difference to individual people, communities and the environment.
  • Build your confidence and skill set.

The awards are progressive meaning you can move up between the different levels and you can enter at different stages depending on your volunteering journey.

The Challenge  – For those getting started in volunteering though team challenges.

The Approach – for when you’ve reached 10 and 25 hours volunteering.

The Ascent – For when you’ve reached 20, 100, 200 or even 500 hours.

The Summit – For those that have made an outstanding contribute to volunteering.

So whether you’re already volunteering or want to get involved with volunteering, there’s something for everyone.

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