Reminder to all students

We understand that this may be a very difficult time for you.  Our staff are here to support you at this time and help you to continue to undertake learning where this is possible.

You may be confused about messages you have heard from SQA about exams and how you will be assessed for your qualifications. We understand that homeworking may be difficult for some of you, but where possible we need you to continue with the learning activities as set by your lecturer and progress through as much of your coursework as possible.

We need you to do this so that we will have sufficient evidence to make recommendations for your qualification outcomes to SQA and other awarding bodies. Continuing your learning will also help you to progress once this situation is over.

Lecturers will work with you, and across their course team colleagues,  to consider individual circumstances and accommodate revisions to deadlines in light of illness, domestic circumstance or IT limitations. You must keep in touch and tell our teaching staff, as soon as possible,  of any changes in your circumstances.