College Administered Funding Payments

College administered funding payments to current students will be made as normal into your bank account as per your original payment schedule.

Please note however, travel payments to students will NOT be paid for the time the college is closed as per Scottish Government guidelines.  The deduction of travel has been removed for current students remaining payment instalments, the next of which is due this Friday 27 March.

You can continue to use your Student Funding Account (the account you used to make your application) to log on and check your current payment schedule and amounts due.  This can be accessed through the My Payments tab of your account.

Childcare payments to providers will also still be made for current students for the remainder of your course. New award payment schedules will not be issued at this time.

We wish you well in your continued study here at WCS and please do not hesitate to contact the Student Funding Department at should you have any other enquiries.