Join us for #The January Challenge


Can you draw 5 faces in 5 minutes? What’s the tallest thing you can build using the items you have around you?

We have partnered with 64 Million Artists to take on The January Challenge 2020! 64 Million Artists believe that everyone is creative, and they run The January Challenge to kickstart the creativity and wellbeing of everybody.

The January Challenge is 31 days of quick creative challenges designed to inspire creative thinking and action in libraries. We’ll be using the challenges in the library with staff, students and visitors. If you’ve got any further ideas please do let us know!

Last year over 15,000 people took part and over 95% said it had a positive impact on their wellbeing. This year, we are joining thousands of people in schools, offices, hospitals, care homes and libraries across the country who are ready to have some fun this January.

You do not need to sign up – you’ll find the challenges in each campus library and on our Twitter feed @WCSLibraries

We look forward to getting creative with you in January!

#TheJanuaryChallenge  #CreativeWCS

January 20