MyDay is here!

The MyDay Project Team is delighted to announce that the introduction of the MyDay platform for West College Scotland has now reached the Pilot Stage. Groups of students have been identified and the pilot will run from now until Friday 24 May. Next term we hope to roll it out for all students.

As you’ll remember The MyDay product is a cloud-based system which will provide you with a new, simple way of accessing key online services and information in one convenient location. The MyDay portal allows access to services such as Email, Moodle and Library while at the same time providing the latest information, forms, procedures, news and developments of the College.

We’ve successfully integrated the system with Office 365, Moodle, Access All Areas, Your Essential Skills, Heritage Library System, MyPC and the Papercut Print System.

From the MyDay dashboard you can now access:

  • Timetable and attendance details for classes
  • College email (Office 365) and Office Web Resources and Applications (such as Word, Excel and One Drive)
  • Availability of college library PCs
  • Course details that you’re enrolled on, on Moodle
  • A task list – assignments for Moodle courses, plus tasks created in Office 365 account
  • Items loaned out or reserved with the College Libraries

MyDay allows you to manage your college experience by providing a gateway to the Student intranet, Library services (such as Open Athens), Clickview, Distance Learning Moodle and the College’s Social Media platforms.

The portal will provide just about everything you’ll will need to access in an easy to use format and we’re working on providing single-sign-on functionality, so that you only need to log in to MyDay once, and will not need to log in to separate applications on your personalised dashboard.

By offering easy access to content on internal and external applications, MyDay makes it easier for you to keep track of your academic schedule, performance and targets, and access all the resources you’ll need!

Students can access a dedicated page on the student intranet here.