Charity posters, pin boards & blu tack

Help keep our campuses tidy

While it’s great that so many students and staff are committed to charitable events and fund-raising initiatives, it’s important to remember to use the notice boards provided when putting up your posters.

Above is just a small selection of the many posters which have been removed from corridors, toilets, doors and pillars around the Paisley campus just in the last week.

Not only do they make our campuses look untidy, they also make a mess of public spaces by leaving Blu Tack and Sellotape marks when they are removed (which is rarely done by the people who put them up in the first place!).

Posters which have been loosely attached have in the past set off burglar alarms at nights and weekends.

The College is really keen to encourage charity projects and raise awareness of the great work that goes on here. At the moment, we are auditing the number of pin boards and snap frames across each campus to see if more need to be provided. In the meantime:

  • Please use our notice boards
  • Always remove your posters when they have expired
  • Think about using the student and staff intranets to advertise your events
  • Contact if you need any advice.