Paisley campus library - inside

Paisley campus – new library now open! Old library now closed!

NOW OPEN in the Renfrew North building

Both floors of your new library in the Renfrew North building at Paisley campus are now fully open. If you haven’t been in the new library, we’re based in the atrium at the spiral staircase, on floors one and two.

➡  The lower floor is your quiet area for books and study. There are also 4 study PCs on this floor.
➡  The upper floor is your library computer suite with 32 brand new Windows 10 PCs.


Goodbye to the old library in the Abercorn Building – now closed

The arrival of your new library means it’s goodbye to the old library in the Abercorn building. There is no longer any access to the PCs in that area. We look forward to welcoming you to your new library.


WiFi Access

Phone, tablets and laptop devices may also be able to make use of the eduroam wifi network within the campus. If you have never logged on to eduroam before, just ask Cat or Lil (your Library Assistants) for assistance.


Food, drink and mobile phones

The new library has a no food or drink policy on both floors (unless for medical reasons). We also ask that you silence your mobile phone before entering either floor, and take any phone calls outside the library area.  We want to keep this a great space for you and every other student.


t. 0141 581 2289 / 0141 581 2391