Lecturers’ Strike Days – Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May

The College will do everything we can to minimise the impact of any strike days on your studies.  We know that many of you will be worried about assessments, exams and classes being postponed if this strike continues. We have anticipated some of your possible questions in the responses shown below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are lecturers going on strike?

Lecturers will go on strike on Tuesday 16 May and Wednesday 17 May.   These are the fifth and sixth EIS national strike days called by the union as part of Scotland-wide dispute about pay, terms and conditions.  There are national talks to try and resolve the dispute. Other strike days may follow until June and include the following days next week: Tuesday 23 May, Wednesday 24 May and Thursday 25 May.

Are my lessons cancelled on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May?

A small number of classes will run.

You will be contacted by staff to let you know if your class is running.

If you are not contacted, your class will not run.

Do I still need to come to College on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May if my class is cancelled?

No. If your class is not running, you don’t need to come in and you will be registered as having “authorised absence” for that day.

The College will be open and even though your classes are not running, you will be able to use the libraries for independent study, if you wish. You can also use the social areas and dining facilities.  The EIS will have pickets at each campus.

Could this cost me financially?

No.  Because you will be registered as having “authorised absence”, you will not lose any bursary or EMA money, nor will you lose out on childcare or transport costs.

I usually put my child in nursery.  Will the nurseries be open?

Parents who use the nurseries at Greenock and Paisley will be communicated with directly by the Nursery Manager.

So what buildings will I be able to get access to?

The following campuses will be open:

  • Clydebank – Queens’ Quay
  • Paisley – Renfrew Road
  • Greenock – Finnart Street

And what’s closed?

The Greenock Waterfront campus will not open on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May. If you study at the Waterfront and want to come in on strike day, you can use the limited facilities available at Finnart Street.

Q. What happens if an assessment falls on strike day?

A. Don’t worry, the assessment will be rescheduled. Your lecturer will let you know when this will be.

***Please click here to read important information about examinations that fall on strike days***

Q. I will be sitting a national exam or graded unit on a strike day, will this be affected.

A. Exams are invigilated by staff other than lecturers and these staff will not be on strike.  These exams will therefore go ahead as scheduled.  The lecturers on strike may be outside the building on the day of your exam but will not stop you coming into the building and will be equally concerned to ensure that your exam or entry to college is not affected in any way.

***Please click here to read important information about examinations that fall on strike days***

Q. I need certain grades to get to University or move to the next level of study. I’m worried that the strike means I won’t achieve my grades.  Should I be?

A. Remember, this is a national strike and there will have to be a national approach to this issue.  If the strike extends into June, the universities and exam awarding bodies will be involved in considering the impact of it in terms of entry requirements and grades.

The College will keep you up to date with arrangements for any future strike days via the Student Portal.  Please also check the College Facebook page and the Students’ Association Facebook account: www.facebook.com/WestCollegeScotland and www.facebook.com/westcollegescotlandstudents/

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