Ready Steady Print! Some useful information about our new Printing Devices.

Whilst you’ve been on holiday we’ve been busy updating our printing devices across the College.
The new devices have all the functionality built in to print, copy and scan, making it easy to manage your documents. One of the new features is: ‘Secure Print’ – meaning documents only get printed when a user releases the print request when they go to the printer.

Where are the new devices?

You’ll see new devices in classrooms that have PCs and the libraries. Some devices are still being installed but we hope it’ll all be completed by Friday 4 November. We are hoping any disruption will be minimal and appreciate your patience in this period of change.

What’s different now?

  1. You need to log in to retrieve your prints. Now, to retrieve your printing you’ll need to log into the device using your network credentials. A quick guide is available to view below:


  2. You have a Print Allowance. Every  student has a £5 monthly allowance. As you send print jobs your balance will reduce. Any print jobs that aren’t released within 48 hours will be deleted and the cost added back onto your allowance. You can let unwanted jobs expire or delete them at a device. To give you an idea of cost, a Black and White Print costs 2p so you’ll roughly be able to print 250 copies a month. We are looking into a mechanism for students to purchase printing top-ups in the future, but we are hoping this is a sufficient amount to start with and to encourage you to ‘think before you print’ so we can reduce the amount of paper and wasted print produced.