Why does my timetable not show or looks odd?

MyDay reads your timetable information from our Student Records database overnight.

If you are fully enrolled but your course hasn’t yet started, your timetable may not show until the official start date of your course. Your Course Leader will give your timetable ahead of your course start date.

If your course has started but MyDay still isn’t showing your timetable, there may be a problem. Please let your Course Leader know and they will report it to the MyDay support team.

If your timetable looks odd, don’t worry! Sometimes your Course Leader will timetable more than one subject into a timeslot (e.g. Monday AM), or they might create a subject register for your assessment results and another for your attendance. MyDay sees all this information and shows it to you.

If something is wrong (e.g. room number, lecturer, etc), let your Course Leader know and they will get this updated for you.