Where has the absence self-certificate gone?

It’s gone! From session 2020/21 students no longer have to self-certificate for a short-term absence, instead:

  • You are responsible for ensuring your lecturers know about your absence and the steps you are taking to keep up with coursework and preparations for assessment. You can do this by emailing your lecturers (most email addresses for staff are in the format of firstname.surname@wcs.ac.uk)
  • The register mark recorded by your lecturer each time an activity takes place now holds more information (e.g. Student was present and engaged in the activity [PE]; Student was absent but was still able to engage in the activity [AE]; Student was absent and wasn’t able to engage in the activity but the student discussed this with the lecturer and the lecturer Authorised the Absence [X]; Student was absent and there was no communication – also known as an ‘unauthorised absence’ [A]). These marks will give you a good indication of whether your lecture is concerned about your progress and likelihood of achieving in assessment. The Student Funding Department may stop funding for any payment period where a lecturer has recorded an unauthorised absence on your attendance record.

Medical certificates should be sent to OnlineServices@wcs.ac.uk for any absence greater than a week.

Long term medical absences (i.e. greater than 2-weeks) require a discussion with your Course Leader.