Travel Assistance Award

Travel assistance is awarded, where applicable, from the Bursary Fund to FE students only and is paid on a 2 weekly basis in advance provided you have met the minimum requirements of satisfactory attendance, conduct and full engagement on your course in each week. The expectation is that you will attend all your timetabled classes and use where necessary the procedure to cover any absences you may have had.  Unsatisfactory reports will result in non-payment of funds for the period reviewed. Part payment for part engagement of any week woill not be made.

You must live more than 2 miles walking distance from your chosen campus in order to be considered for travel assistance. The maximum travel assistance per week that can be awarded is £40.

The attendance period will be checked retrospectively therefore any period of unsatisfactory attendance will affect any future advanced travel payments.  (View Attendance Periods)

Travel is not paid for college holiday periods as there is not a need for students to travel into college.

First payment of travel assistance is made at end of the first attendance week of your course of study providing full enrolment on your course of study.