Progression and Conduct

(Please refer to Online College Procedures)

In addition to attendance requirements you must be able to demonstrate to your lecturers that you are making the expected progress within your chosen course of study and that your conduct meets the expected standards within the College. Adverse reports from any lecturer or staff member throughout the college in respect of either of these may result in your funding being withheld. Any payments held during such periods shall not be reinstated. Should your progress and / or conduct remain unsatisfactory and you are withdrawn from your course of study your funding will be withdrawn for the remainder of the academic year. Where the funding is withheld due to an adverse report and subsequently attendance, conduct or progress is reported to have improved to an appropriate level, the Student Funding Manager in consultation with your CQL for department of study has the discretion to:

  • Restart your funding with deduction of the relevant number of week(s) funds or
  • Consider modification of the deduction where good cause can be shown to justify such consideration.