How do I add my photograph to my Digital Student ID Card?

  1. Tap on the ‘My Student ID Card’ Tile, then
  2. Tap on the placeholder-photograph, then
  3. Upload a suitable image from your smartphone or tablet.

The image used should:

  • Be of your Head and Shoulders;
  • Be taken against a plain background;
  • Be without filters;
  • Be only you in the photo;
  • Be without headwear unless for religious or medical reasons;
  • Be suitable for use on an Identification Document such as a Driving Licence.

Example: Student ID Photo Example


Your photograph will be rejected if you do not follow the guidelines above. It may also be rejected for another reason, such as:

  • The orientation is wrong (i.e. photograph is on its side)
  • It requires significant cropping (i.e. is significantly more than head and shoulders)

Unfortunately the card software does not have ‘cropping’ or ‘photo-editing’ built in. The staff member making the decision only has the option to approve or reject. In making their decision, they follow the bullet-points above. If you are stuck, please email: with the subject line ‘Student Card’