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Membership of your Students’ Association is free and automatic when you enrol on a course at West College Scotland.

Be an active member and make full use of your Students’ Association – it’s your voice for your college!

Making your voice heard

💡  Students’ Association Class Representatives (over 500 student voices representing almost 30,000 students)

💡  Students’ Association Class Reps Council (meets through Microsoft Teams a least once per block)

💡  Focus Groups and Committees (covering every aspect of student life)

💡  One-to-One advice, support and representation (here when you need us)

💡  Helping you to make a formal complaint if you need to

💡  The Student President represents your voice as a full member the Board of Management and within key college committees

💡  Representing your voice with NUS, NUS Scotland, Education Scotland and the Scottish Government

💡  Compiling and publishing each session, the “We (the students) said …, You (our college) did …

Clubs, Forums and Societies

Clubs, Forums and Societies are run by students for students. They’re a great way of bringing together students with similar interests and experiences.

💡  Sports, Fitness, Health and Well-being

💡  Activities, Social Events, Fund raising and Volunteering

💡  LGBT+

💡  Mature Students

💡  Parents

💡  Young Carers, Carers, Care Leavers and Care Experienced, Estranged or a Veteran of the Armed Forces

Clubs, Forums and Societies have a huge impact on your college experience and on how the college develops.

Do you have an idea for a society, club or forum? Tell us … telephone, text or WhatsApp on 07710 715 538 or drop by one of the campus offices, or email, or Facebook, or Twitter – Students’ Association Officers can help get your idea off the ground with advice, marketing and possible funding support.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get actively involved in the work and life of your Students’ Association and your college:

➡  Become a Students’ Association Class Rep

➡  Become a non-elected Volunteer Students’ Association Officer for something you’re passionate about

➡  Talk to us about creating a club, forum or society

➡  Run for Student President or Campus Vice-President – elections happen around March each year

 💡 Click here to find out how you can get involved

Non-elected Officer roles available right now:

➡  Activities and Events Officer(s)

➡  Armed Forces Veterans Officer(s)

➡  Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer(s)

➡  Care Leavers and Care Experienced Students Officer(s)

➡  Unpaid Carers and Young Carers Student Officer(s)

➡  College policies, steering groups and committees Officer(s)

➡  Disabled Students and Enabling Services Officer(s)

➡  Estranged from Family Student Officer(s)

➡  Fund raising and good causes Officer(s)

➡  Communication and Social Media Officer(s)

➡  Health and Wellbeing + Sports and Fitness Officer(s)

➡  International Student Officer(s)

➡  LGBT+ Student Officer(s)

➡  Mature Student Officer(s)

➡  Politics Officer(s)

➡  Student Parent Officer(s)

➡  Student Apprentices Officer(s)

➡  Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officer(s)

➡  Womens Officer(s)

➡  Youth Officer(s)

If you are interested in becoming an Officer, get in touch by telephone, text or WhatsApp on 07710 715 538 or drop by one of the campus offices, or email, or Facebook, or Twitter

Remember – this is your Students’ Association; run by West College Scotland students for West College Scotland students. Your Students’ Association is only as strong and as active as you make it – do make a difference, do get involved.

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Contact your Students’ Association

For more information on the Students’ Association, or to find out how to get involved, or if you need advice, contact us:


About the Students’ Association

Your Students’ Association is run by students for students. Its primary objective is to represent you and to make the student voice heard. It does this through:

💡  The Student President who is annually elected by the student body of West College Scotland;

💡  Campus Vice Presidents who are annually elected by the student body of West College Scotland;

💡  Officers with an interest in a particular area;

💡  Almost 500 sparqs trained Class Reps, attending curriculum and campus meetings.

Your Students’ Association is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) and participates in NUS elections and activities.

Membership of the Students’ Association and NUS is free and automatic for full-time and most part-time students.

Executive Committee

Elected Officers

  • Student President is elected annually by the student body. It is common to find that the Student President takes a sabbatical year, allowing them to commit 100% to their role (35hrs per week). The Student President begins their role on the first working day in July.
  • Campus Vice Presidents are elected annually by the student body. It is common to find that a Campus Vice President combines study with their role. Typically, working in the role of Campus Vice President  16 hours per week during term time. Campus Vice Presidents take up their role on first day of the new academic year.

Non-elected Officers

The Executive Committee is also formed by students who take on Non-elected Officer roles.

These Officers lead on representing students within specific groups, or may lead in a club, forum or society.

Non-elected Officers do not commit to a set number of hours each week. Any student can become a Non-elected Officer – a list of roles is shown on the Students’ Association front page.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of your Students’ Association are:

💡  to represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealing with the college and other bodies;

💡  to promote, encourage and co-ordinate student clubs, societies, sports and social activities;

💡  to provide a mechanism for liaison with other Student Associations or Unions;

💡  to advance the education and social development of its members and students of the college as a whole


 💡  WCS – SA Constitution (March 2015)

Student Partnership Agreement

💡  Due to be published soon

Get Involved

Get Involved – your Students’ Association needs you!!

Run by West College Scotland students for West College Scotland students.

Your Students’ Association needs you to get involved and to become an active member. Below are just a few of the opportunities:

Events and how to become part of the Events Committee

Events and activities are a big part of an active and successful Students’ Association. To make it work, the Students’ Association needs students with ideas and a desire to plan great events that are fun and inclusive.

Events include, but not limited to:

💡  Freshers;

💡  Regular social events and activities;

💡  Fund raising and volunteering;

💡  Celebrating success

If you would like to become part of the Events Committee for your campus, just let us know. Remember, the Students’ Association could be kind of dull this year without someone like you onboard!!

Clubs, Societies and Forums

If you would like a club, society or forum to exist at West College Scotland, the chances are that someone else will too. Each year, the Students’ Association helps students to establish clubs and societies. If you have an idea, let us know. We may be able to help with getting it off the group through funding, marketing and promotion, accommodation, events and more.

Below are just a few of the Clubs, Societies and Forums that either existed last year or were suggested:

💡  Sports and Fitness;

💡  Health and Wellbeing;

💡  LGBT;

💡  Looked After and Care Leavers;

💡  Carers and Young Carers;

💡  Apprentices;

💡  International;

💡  Mature Students;

💡  Distance Learning;

💡  Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship;

💡  Sci-fi, Gaming and Technology;

💡  Music and Drama;

💡  Anime and Manga;

💡  Forensic Science;

💡  Book Club

Clubs, Societies and Forums are run by students for students. All suggestions are considered by the Executive Committee. We will support as many viable clubs, societies and forums as we can each year.

Class Representatives and sparqs

Every class or group of students should have at least one student in the class who is your Class Representative.

In partnership with sparqs (Scottish Partnerships in Quality Scotland), the Students’ Association and Student Experience Assistants will train Class Representatives on how to feel confident about:

💡  asking the class or group for their views on their college experience and record the feedback;

💡  becoming an active member of the ‘course team’ and sharing the views of the class or group with tutors;

💡  participating in Student Rep Council (SRC) meetings with other Class Representatives from your campus – these meetings are hosted by the Students’ Association, usually once per block during lunch time (a free buffet lunch is provided).

Advice and support when you need it

From time to time we all find ourselves in a situation that we’re not too sure about or maybe even unhappy about.

Your Students’ Association is a useful port of call to seek advice and support when needed. Your Students’ Association Officers will either assist directly or assist with putting you in touch the person who can help.

Some of the things we’re used to helping students with include:

💡  Worries or concerns;

💡  Disputes and conflicts;

💡  Advice and support;

💡  Taking forward ideas for enhancement;

💡  Wellbeing and sexual health (we work closely with our NHS partners to provide support with stopping smoking, free and discreet access to condoms and lube from any of our offices, access to wellbeing advice and support services)

Get in touch and find out more

Browse through the tabs to find out how to get involved and how to get in touch.

SA Elections

Elect your next Students’ Association

Meet the Candidates:

Abbie McGrath

Post: Student President

Personal Profile

I am a well organised person and always willing to help out in any situation, my personal skills include resourcefulness, enthusiasm, leadership and a good use of initiative in problem solving as well as working in teams, I have been class representative two years in a row and enjoy responsibility in a college environment, I do my best to stay cheerful while continuing to fight for what I believe in.


Hi there, I’m Abbie McGrath and I’m campaigning to be your student president.  Don’t be mislead by my Cruella De Vil alter ego, I can assure you I’m no villain. Actually, id rather be your hero!  I want to be Student President because I’m everything Cruella isn’t:




Enthusiastic…. A,


Learner and a high….


I want to be here for my fellow students and give everyone a voice even if they can’t speak up for themselves, I’m a woman of the people and I speak my mind!  Do you have a problem? I’ll do my best to help you anytime, any day!  I’m easy going, friendly and approachable but I won’t back down from a challenge and if I believe you need me I’ll fight for your right!

So vote Abbie McGrath today so I can make a difference, and you too can be Cruella!

Paul Sefton 

Post: Student President

Personal Profile

I am currently the VP for Greenock campus and looking to put all my experience into the full time role to move things forward in these trying times.


After a year as Vice President I will be looking to build on everything we have started 2020/21 in the President role. I will be using all my experience, gained in the role, to work on positive change for all students after a tough year of uncertainty during Covid.  I’ll work on building close relationships with both students and staff to help make the learning experience better for everyone.  ] will also look at using the SA budget to benefit all students and will always remain open to ideas from students as to what you want to see done.  Continuation of all that I have been doing for mental health and fitness will be moving forward, as well as continuing all the good work in equality, diversity and inclusion that we have been doing with all groups.

Scott McInnes

Post: Vice President, Clydebank

Personal Profile

I am 22 years old and born & bred in Clydebank. I have always enjoyed getting involved in groups where I felt I could help and make a difference. Over the years I have been heavily involved with groups in my school (Clydebank High) (Sports Leadership at the age of 14. Student council) After leaving school – I have helped with Glasgow Fever and the development of basketball in Clydebank and also was one of the first people to have the jrNBA introduced into the west of Scotland!

I am confident that people find me approachable and know they can easily speak to me. I enjoy helping and I know that sounds like a cliche but I genuinely do! I love challenges and can’t think of any examples of when I would just give up!

My upbringing has taught me to show respect and compassion to people. Lessons that have been taught to me and now firmly in place are to show people kindness and respect. If there is a chance to help someone then I will help, always. I am so keen to learn and enjoy new challenges.

Growing up I discovered a passion for basketball. I love everything about this sport. I have been lucky enough to travel to New York and meet the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. I also had my name in lights on the famous scoreboard there when it was my 18th birthday! I am also a huge gamer! I love gaming and it’s a world where many of us can come together and have hours of fun!


What I want to achieve as the vice president

We would all agree that college is an important part of our lives, we have all made the decision to further our education to get the career we want. So, during the time we are here we all want to have the best possible West College Scotland possible, and that will not be possible without OUR feedback and OUR voice. I want to be that person that will help voice the opinions of the students at our college. Students are the heart of any college so to have the voices heard is the most important part. I want to enhance students Health and Wellbeing and have a big focus on our mental health. We have the foundations of that but its always something we can improve on. Sports and leisure is something near and dear to my heart and feel like we can improve on that part of our college massively, with more opportunities like sports clubs and classes for people to take part in, with more inclusivity in the sports area to as everyone deserves the right to play sport and have fun whilst doing it. More charity work and inclusivity will always be something our college can pride itself on if we do more and I want to be that person to help us take that and everything else forward!

If Elected these are some of the issues I want to tackle head on:

  • Work hand – in – hand with ALL student representatives to ensure that no one is left out
  • Take a lead on the health and wellbeing of our student body at West College Scotland
  • Develop more all-inclusive events for anyone to take part in to further socialise with other students out with normal classes.
  • Review our core messages and promises the college to give us and ensure these promises are met for every student!
  • Ensure that there is more extra-curricular activities throughout the college leading to more opportunities for students to take part in.
  • Create an organised sports environment by having sports clubs competing regularly and being part of a community for all students.

Election Polls OPEN Monday 15 March and will CLOSE at 4pm on Friday 19 March.

A link to vote will be added here on Monday 15 March


Contact the Students’ Association

For more information on the Students’ Association, or to find out how to get involved, or if you need advice, contact us:

Making your voice heard

Students are actively encouraged to use all of the avenues open to them – such as class reps, curriculum meetings, campus meetings, student surveys, Student Officer Forums and Engagement Officers, as a way of ensuring their voice is heard.

We look to support students in participating in sporting events, the setting up of clubs and societies and in attending NUS Scotland events and campaigns. We want your student experience to be the very best it can be, so help us to help you.


Campus Student Association Offices

Clydebank Campus Office

Student Association Office - Clydebank
Clydebank campus – the Students’ Association office is located inside the Taste Refectory, on your left hand side as you enter.

Greenock Campus Office

Student Association Office - Greenock
Greenock’s Finnart Street campus – the Students’ Association office is located directly behind the main reception desk.

Paisley Campus Office

Student Association Office - Paisley
Paisley campus – the Students’ Association office and the student common room can be found opposite the Taste Refectory on the ground floor of the Renfrew Building.

Waterfront Campus Office

Greenock’s Waterfront campus – the Students’ Association common room can be found at the rear of Taste Refectory on the ground floor.

Class Reps

sparqs class reps

Class Representatives, sparqs and the Student Reps Council

Class Reps provide more than 500 active student voices representing almost 30,000 students.

Every class or group of students should have at least one student in the class who is the nominated Class Representative. Please let us know if your class or group does not have a class rep, or if you feel the student voice is not being represented within your class or group.

Class Rep Training

In partnership with sparqs (Scottish Partnerships in Quality Scotland), the Students’ Association and Student Experience Assistants will offer to train Class Representatives on how to feel confident about:

💡  asking your class or group for their views on their college experience, and how to record their feedback;

💡  being part of the ‘course team’ and sharing the views of the class or group with your tutors;

💡  participating in Student Reps Council (SRC) meetings with other Class Representatives from your campus

Student Reps Council (SRC) Meetings

Chaired by the Student President, Student Reps Council (SRC) meetings take place in Clydebank, Greenock, Paisley and Waterfront campuses at least twice per year. It’s an opportunity for all of the Class Reps on each campus to come together, share their experiences and agree the priorities ahead.

SRC meetings also ensure the student experience continuously improves and that the student voice is heard and is truly shaping the work and life of the college to benefit its students. It’s also a great opportunity to meet each other, to network and to learn from and support each other.



This year our freshers’ event will be different to the one we know and enjoy!

Covid19 has meant that we aren’t all on campus and cannot hold our usual fun filled events. However, that does not mean you will not still get to enjoy some deals and hopefully some freebies …. Watch this space!

There are apps that allow students to receive discounts on loads of products, these apps are called – UNiDAYS and Student Beans, they’re free to download and all you need to do is login using your college email to confirm you are a student!!

Here are just some of the discounts on offer now:

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The Body Shop – 20% OFF

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Keep an eye out on this page and on social media for other things the SA will be running virtually for you!