The MyDay product is a cloud based system which will provide students with a new, simple way of accessing key online services and information in one convenient location. The MyDay portal will allow access to services such as Email, Moodle and Library while at the same time providing the latest information, forms, procedures, news and developments of the College.

The portal will provide just about everything you need to access in an easy to use format, you can access it on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not only that, but MyDay is available on and off campus; all you need is your Office365 login details.

MyDay allows you to manage your college experience by providing a gateway to:

Moodle, Library services, PC Availability, Office 365, College Email, Help & Advice, Student Forms, News and Events, Important Announcements, Social Media and many more.

By offering easy access to content on internal and external applications, MyDay makes it easier for a student to keep track of their academic schedule, performance and targets, and access all the resources they need!
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MyDay User Guide

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MyDay Student Guide

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