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There may be a number of reasons for this:

  1. You may not have entered either your Username or Password correctly.
    • In the USERNAME field, ensure that you have typed your 9 digit student number.
    • Your PASSWORD (the same as your network login) is case sensitive. Check on your keyboard that Caps Lock is not on.
  2. You may not be currently enrolled in the online course.
  3. If you have recently changed your course enrolment, your online access may not yet have been updated. Please check with your departmental administrator to make sure you are enrolled on the correct course on Unite.

If you’ve forgotten your password, please first make sure you are using the same password that you used to log onto the computers within WCS.  This will have been changed when you first logged onto a computer unless you are a distance learning student.  If you cannot log onto a computer within WCS then please contact IT through your lecturer or by visiting the local IT Service Desk to get your network password reset.

IT Service Desk Contact Details
Campus Clydebank Greenock Paisley
Room 193 WB04 RE123

If you are a distance Learning student your password will be your DOB in long format DDMMYYYY.  If you have any problems logging on please contact the Distance Learning Section.

Distance Learning Section Contact Details
Telephone 0141 581 2319


  • First Log in to Moodle.
  • Then on the Moodle home page, choose your curriculum section then your subject area from the middle section.


for a student undertaking a PDA in Childhood Practice at the Greenock Campus:

  1. Under Care and Life Science expand the Care section and choose Childhood Practice.MoodleFAQ-Access1
  2. Expand your campus specific category – Note not all categories will have campus specific lists. Then choose your award. MoodleFAQ-Access2
  3. Once in the award home page there will normally be a list of the course units however your lecturer may have set your award up in a different format. To access the units just click on the title.MoodleFAQ-Access3
  4. Each unit should have a link to get you back to the main award page:
  • Contact your tutor if you cannot locate your course.

To log out of Moodle, click Logout at the top left of the page banner, next to the message, You are logged in as… MoodleFAQ-LogOut1It’s important to log out of Moodle and the college computers so that other people using the computer after you can’t access your personal data.

Be security aware—don’t allow browsers in computer labs or in the Library to remember your login credentials.


Once you are logged in, if you are inactive in Moodle for a period of 2 hours, your session will time out. When you next access the Moodle page, the Login page will display with the message: Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

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Contact Us

If you are experiencing any problems that are not answered in the Help Centre please contact the eLearning team: