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Myday is Here MyDay is here! , Thu, April 25th, 2019- The MyDay Project Team is delighted to announce that the introduction of the MyDay platform for West College Scotland has now reached the Pilot Stage. Groups of students have been […]
Advice Banner Strike day – no need to use a self-certificate , Tue, January 15th, 2019- You do not need to submit a self-certificate if your class was cancelled due to strike action. Access All Areas may show no attendance mark – your funding will not be […]
deadline Don’t forget to submit self-certifications to cover any absence! , Mon, May 7th, 2018- Important notice to all students: self-certifications to cover absences between 30-Apr-2018 and 11-May-2018 must be submitted by midnight on Monday 14-May-2018. Please read the Access All Areas (AAA) and Self-Authorised […]
saferinternetday 800X440 Safer Internet Day , Tue, February 6th, 2018- As it is safer internet day today we have created a free course called Becoming a Respectful Digital Citizen.   and This is open to all current students and staff and […]
Picture2 REMINDER: SAA submission deadline 18 Sept , Wed, September 13th, 2017- Please remember to check Access All Areas (AAA) by Monday 18th Sept to ensure that you have submitted Self-Authorised Absences (SAA) to cover any absence you may have had in […]