Essential Skills and Enabling Services

EnablingServices_adEnabling Services is a service for every student who may benefit from extra help or support during their studies – either on an on-going basis or at key times during your studies at our college. We operate a ‘self-referral’ system. Even if you are not sure, it is worth emailing or telephoning us to find out if we can assist you with your studies. We can provide bespoke, discreet, out of class support.

Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Extra time for assessments and exams.
  • Alternative arrangements for assessments and exams
  • Access to (and training on) assistive equipment (e.g. Live scribe, audio recorders, netbooks)
  • Access to (and training on) assistive software
  • Access to classroom and assessment support (e.g. BSL signing, readers and scribe)
  • Access to discrete, out of class one-to-to support (e.g. proof reading, study skills)
  • Support with adaption of materials and resources
  • Screening for dyslexia and dyscalculia
  • Help with applying for disabled students allowance (DSA) if you are studying an HNC, HND or degree level course
  • Additional help with literacy, Numeracy, and ICT with support from the Core Skills Team

Who Can We Help?

  • Any student can access the Enabling services, including students with:
  • Social, emotional or behavioural difficulties
  • Visual or hearing impairments
  • Specific learning difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia)
  • Autistic spectrum disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Physical/mobility difficulties
  • Unseen disabilities

Contact the Enabling Services Team

To arrange an appointment or discuss your particular needs, please contact us on:

Alternatively contact our Campus co-ordinators:

Clydebank Campus: Teresa Henry

Greenock Campus: Corinne Forrester

Paisley Campus: Paula Lindsay


Essential/Core Skills

Communication | Numeracy | ICT

The College is committed that every student is equipped with and recognises the value of skills learning, work and life.  Given that no job is for life (and we cannot predict the jobs of the future), training and developing of transferable skills is more important than ever! We want to support you to focus on and build YOUR Essential Skills so you can attain the necessary and appropriate level of skills for future study or employment.

Core Skills Support

Whatever you’re studying, it’s important that you continue to develop your core skills, such as Communication, ICT and Numeracy.  For those that require some additional support, we offer various sessions to help you with your Writing and Reading, ICT and Numeracy skills. These Core Skills Top-up sessions run in all three campuses at a range of times to suit you.

We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring that you attain the necessary and appropriate level of Core skills thus enabling a smooth and confident transition to FE/HE programmes and future employment.

Referral is often by your Guidance Tutors or a member of staff – but you can refer yourself too.  Just email your campus Curriculum Quality Leader  below.

Your Essential Skills (YES)

Click here to find out more and access YES, an innovative online application for you to track and reflect upon your skills and personal development.

Contact the Essential Skills Team

Any further information required please contact:

Clydebank Campus: Martin Timoney

Greenock Campus: Chris Bradley

Paisley Campus: Ewan Park

Your Essential Skills

Your Essential Skills (YES) is an online guidance and skills reflection tool which invites you the student to interact with staff, create a CV, set goals, and most importantly reflect upon and record your skills and personal development.

The YES application allows you to reflect on what you have learned and express it in your own words, using the vocabulary of industry, related directly to your transferable skills and attributes. Most importantly, you are thinking more about the skills and attributes required for life, learning and work. Effectively, the application is giving you a much louder voice in the development of your own courses.

This method of logging of skills allows a progressive record of distance travelled. This benefits every learner. Allowing you the student to reflect on your own personal development it will also allow the College and lecturing staff to amend their behaviours accordingly to enable personalised progression and enhancement throughout your college experience.

Logon to you skills profile