Freshers’ page

Welcome to West College Scotland

Whether you’ve just applied for a course, been invited to an interview or have already secured a place, this page is here for you to get all the information and guidance you need.
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You’ve got mail!

During summer, we’ll be sending you info to get set for College. Check your emails! If you’ve deleted one (oops), no worries: read it here.

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What you need to do

Getting lost in the application process? Unsure about what you have to do next? This page should make things crystal clear!

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Services to support your learning

At West College Scotland we offer advice and support to make your college experience as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible.

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Systems to support your learning

At the College, we provide access to IT systems that support and enhance your learning experience.

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Your Campus

Whether you’ll be studying at Clydebank, Greenock or Paisley, your campus is easy to get to and offers great facilities. Take a virtual tour!

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College Calendar

Wondering when the term will start, when you’ll get holidays (already!) or when your campus is open? Get your answers right here.

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Who to Contact

Wanting to get in touch with our staff for guidance, support or just to be reassured? No worries, we’re just a phone call, email or visit away.

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Still confused? Others have been before you. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions, you might get the answer you need right away!

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Stay Connected

We know you’re connected – and we are too. Let’s link up!

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