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Student Counselling Service

TIME 4 U is the name of our Student Counselling Service. It’s a free service available to all current students of West College Scotland.

TIME 4 U is there when, for one reason or another, personal difficulties and issues impact on your ability to maintain focus on your academic studies.

Counselling can enable you to get some perspective and reach the solution which best suits you.

This two-minute animated cartoon explains when and how counselling can help if students have problems and feel anxious or depressed. The video was developed by the FE and SFC special interest group of the Universities and Colleges division of the BACP:



Why consider counselling?

Most of the time, for most students, life at college will be enjoyable and fulfilling. However, sometimes there will be times when life is not so easy. Here are some of the issues that can impact a student’s life:

• Academic Concerns
• Abuse (emotional, physical, mental, sexual)
• Anxiety
• Bereavement
• Depression
• Homesickness
• Mental Health
• Personal or Family Illness
• Pregnancy
• Relationship Difficulties
• Self harm
• Sexual Identity
• Suicidal Thoughts

If any of the above circumstances arise or if you have any other issues you would like to explore, Time 4 U is a confidential, professional, counselling service to allow you space to talk about concerns. Our Student Counsellors have private meeting rooms on each campus.

What other students have said about the Student Counselling Service

“It was good to have time to sit with you and work out my own solutions, move on and, yes, even pass. Thank you.”

“It was unbelievable, even at my age, to achieve what I have. The course lecturers gave me the knowledge and you gave me the emotional support and encouragement when things got tough. Thanks a million.”


Speak to us

You can make an appointment in confidence through a Student Advisor, or you can use one of the contact methods below during term time:

Contact our Student Counsellors

For more information about TIME 4 U and the services offered, please contact: