We understand how concerned our students will be about the latest response to the Coronavirus.  The College’s response is informed by UK and Scottish Government advice.

We hope this note provides you with some clarity and reassurance.

The College is committed to minimising any negative impact this has on your studies. At present, campuses will remain open, including libraries, to support learning.  You will be issued with guidance on how to continue your studies during this time and individual course information will be made available on Moodle, where appropriate.

Remember, this is a national situation, affecting all colleges and universities and we are speaking to all relevant agencies to limit the longer-term impact on you all.  We can say:

  • During this period, all bursaries will continue to be paid;
  • We are confident we have a plan in place to ensure students can progress to the next stage of your studies.


What about SQA national exams?

 At present there is no change to the published National Qualifications examination timetable.

  • All current deadlines for coursework and other assessments remain in place and the exam timetable is currently scheduled to run from 27 April until 4 June 2020.
  • The College will be gathering any alternative evidence on candidate performance as they would do in the normal way. This evidence should inform estimated grades, again as it should every year.

I am worried about progressing to the next level of study within the College. Will I have to complete my current year of study if the College closes?

The Coronavirus, itself, will not impact on your ability to move on to the next level of study at West College Scotland College.

  • If you are already making good progress, the College and others will take into account the disruption caused by the Coronavirus when deciding if you can progress. In those circumstances, you will not need to repeat the year you have just completed.
  • If you have not applied for the next level of study, you should apply via the College website as soon as possible.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to progress to university. Should I be?

Remember, that this is an unprecedented, international situation and students at every other college in Scotland are affected too. Universities and awarding bodies are taking account of the potential disruption to your studies caused by the Coronavirus. In fact, they have already been talking to colleges about this issue.

  • The Coronavirus, itself, will not impact on your ability to progress.



 We are aware that this will be an anxious time for you, our students, particularly those already impacted by mental health difficulties.

Don’t forget the College has a number of resources to support you at this time including MyDay and Silvercloud.

We will also post regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the College website,

Here are some external resources that may be useful at this time:


Please follow the latest health advice.  If you  have an underlying health condition or in a high-risk group you should not be attending College.