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Step up to a Healthier Lifestyle… Take the Stairs!


  • Just 7 minutes stair climbing a day has been estimated to more than half the risk of a heart attack over 10 years.
  • For buildings with five floors or less, it’s nearly always quicker to take the stairs. Studies show office workers save up to 15 minutes a day by taking the stairs.
  • The biggest variable in stair climbing is your weight. The heavier you are, the more calories you burn.
  • Taking the stairs can make a significant contribution to the 30 minutes of exercise we all need…every day.
  • Adding stairs to your day can add years to your life. Studies show that risk of cardiovascular disease and death is lower among those who are regular stair climbers.
  • Climbing just two flights of stairs everyday could result in a loss of 6lbs per year.

Tones legs, tightens buns, fights stress, aids sleep, promotes weight loss, and tones thighs.