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Sustrans Litterpicks and Dr Bike Clydebank Campus March 21st

Now that the weather is getting sunny(ish) again, it’s time to get outdoors and on bikes again!

Dr Bike will be at Paisley campus fixing your bikes on Thursday 21st from 12pm until 2pm in front of the Motor Vehicle Dep entrance (or outside if the weather permits). It’s a completely free check up for your bike done by a qualified bike mechanic. So if you have squeaky brakes, rubbing parts or weird noises coming from your beloved bike, bring it along and we’ll sort it for you.

Also, even if you don’t have your bike with you, I’d be happy to meet many of you and chat about your experiences and suggestions regarding active travel at WCS.

I’d also love to hear from you if you would be interested in doing Sustrans organised litterpicks in West Dunbartonshire along the National Cycling Routes: they take place on the first Monday of each month and usually run from 10am until lunchtime. Great way to get some fresh air and contribute to cleaner nature!

Any questions or suggestions, drop me an email.

Suvi Loponen

Cycling Officer