Compassionate Inverclyde Back to Home Boxes – We’re looking for food donations

The Greenock Campus Certificate of Work Readiness students in Learner Development are working on a project for Compassionate Inverclyde. The students are helping collect items for the ‘Back to Home Boxes‘ which are given to people who are being discharged from hospital, regardless of age or need, and who live alone.

We are looking for donations of the following:

  • Long life Milk
  • Small jar of coffee
  • Packet of cup a soup
  • Jar of jam
  • Pack of tea bags
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Small bag of sugar
  • Can of cooked ham

Collections will be held on Tuesday 13th March, Tuesday 20th March, Monday 26th March, Monday 16th April, at the Greenock Finnart Campus concourse. It would be very much appreciated if anyone would like to contribute towards this project.

What’s the ‘Back to Home Boxes’ Project?

Local people brought up the concern around people who were living alone being discharged home from hospital with no means of getting to the shops and having no food in the house. The Back Home Box is a community act of kindness which is now being piloted in Inverclyde Royal Hospital. The box contains basic essentials, donated by the public which allows the peron to be able to make a light snack and hot drink when they get home. The feedback has been very positive and these boxes are making a real difference to people’s lives.

Different methods of evaluation have been used within Compassionate Inverclyde which include: validated tools, people’s stories, evaluation forms, video and photographs.

The ‘Back to Home Box’ project aims at:

  • Increasing community engagement for people living alone when discharged for hospital
  • Improving the personal wellbeing and self worth of people who are receiving a back home box
  • Improving the personal wellbeing and self worth of people who contribute to a back home box
  • Facilitating intergenerational work in the community

For more information about the project please email or visit the Compassionate Inverclyde Facebook page.