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Blythswood Shoebox Appeal – help us support a great cause!

The Greenock Waterfront Campus Health & Social Care are participating yet again in the Blythwood shoe box appeal – and this year the Clydebank Campus has signed up fo it as well!
Help us support a great cause and bring cheer to kids who need it the most this christmas – donate items* at Clydebank Campus Room 334/Main Reception/Students’ Association Office by Friday 27 October or at Greenock Waterfront Campus Room 310 by Friday 3 November.
For more details, please read below.

The shoeboxes can be made up for children/teenagers/women and men. The idea behind it is that the shoeboxes are delivered to people who have so little. You can bring joy to someone in need this Christmas by filling a shoebox with things we all take for granted!

The shoebox appeal is simple….

  1. Find an average sized shoebox (ask in shoe shops if you are having difficulties they always have empties!!)
  2. Decide who to pack it for? (A child, teenager, woman or man)
  3. Pack the box with lots of goodies.

    *Essential items are:

    • Toilerteries (toothpaste & toothbrush, soap…)
    • Hat, scarf & gloves
    • Stationary (pens & notebooks…)
    • Household items (candles, sewing kits…)
    • Small toys suitable for a boy or a girl
    You can also pack some additional items into the box e.g. deodorant, stationary, colouring books, new makeup, sanitary products and sewing equipment! Please refer to checklist attachment.
    No food is allowed except sweeties (best before date not earlier than March 2018 and no loose sweeties/lollies/individually purchased sweets made up into little bags)
  4. Print the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal Check List 2017 and tick what you have included
    (you can also pick a printed form from Clydebank Campus Main Reception/Library/ Students’ Association/HR/Beauty Store/Print Room
  5. Attach your checklist to the lid of your box.
  6. Wrap your shoebox and lid separately (you might have to buy some Christmas paper early!!)
  7. Drop your box and checklist to:
    • at Clydebank: Room 334, Main Reception or the Students’ Association Office by Friday 27 October
    • at Greenock waterfont: Room 310 (Kate Kennedy) by Friday 3 November.

This is such a worthwhile cause and would take no time at all to do.