Student Safety 2016

Police Scotland has launched its Student Safety 2016 campaign to promote key messages to keep students feel safe as term time comes to a start. The key messages of the campaign centre around four main areas which affect students; partying, identity safety, online activity and looking after their property.

Focusing on 16 to 25 year olds, the campaign provides safety messages to a group who can be vulnerable to the criminal activity.

Being a student can be an exciting time, moving into student halls and flats, making new friends and enjoying a new found freedom. 

Moving from home to an unfamiliar place, increased alcohol consumption and late nights, students might find themselves victims of crime. Owning expensive items such as iPads and laptops, the unguarded can be easy prey to thieves.

The campaign aims to increase awareness for their own personal security and belongs to ensure students have the best start to student life.

Police Scotland therefore urges students to party safe, look after their friends, be sensible with how much they drink and avoid illegal drugs or New Psychoactive Substances.

Police Scotland urges students to look after their financial records, passwords, cards, passports and driving licences to ensure they don’t become a victim to identity theft. The campaign advises students on staying safe online and how not to get caught out.

You can find out more about Police Scotland’s safety tips for students in their Student Safety Guide.

You can also follow the #StudentLife campaign on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Click on the hyperlink below for the Student Safety Guide